Jerod C. White

Doctoral Candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University and a member of Dr. Tara Behrend's Workplaces and Virtual Environments (WAVE) Lab. I conduct research investigating how people learn, interact, and perform with digital technologies. My research and applied interests span the areas of personnel selection, performance management, and psychometrics. See below for a few of my most recent publications.

Selected Publications

An experiment investigating the fairness of using video interviews to select age-diverse applicants, published in Work, Aging, and Retirement in 2021.

An archival analysis exploring the timeliness of technology research across 23 SIOP conferences, published in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2022.

A meta-analysis testing the psychological effects of digital monitoring, published in Personnel Psychology in 2022.